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Mystic Mermaid Extended Length Waist Beads

Mystic Mermaid Extended Length Waist Beads

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"Mystic Mermaid Waist Beads" are designed to reflect the harmony of the natural world, embodying the captivating beauty of mermaids and their deep connection to the ocean's depths. Whether you wear them as a symbol of empowerment, an expression of your inner enchantress, or simply to add a touch of ethereal beauty to your attire, these waist beads will captivate the imagination and turn heads wherever you go. Dive into the realm of mysticism and embody the allure of the mermaid with these enchanting waist beads

    The turquoise beads evoke a sense of tranquility and healing, reminiscent of the serene ocean waters. This color represents balance, wisdom, and communication, reflecting the essence of a mermaid's serene presence. Teal, with its deeper and richer tone, adds a touch of mystery and depth to the ensemble, symbolizing intuition, spiritual awareness, and rejuvenation. Adding a burst of energy, the vibrant orange beads evoke the warmth of the sun, igniting passion, creativity, and enthusiasm. This color stimulates confidence and positivity, bringing a sense of vitality to your waist adornment. Finally, the glimmering gold beads represent opulence, abundance, and radiance. They infuse the waist beads with an aura of elegance and luxury, elevating the overall aesthetic and lending a regal touch.

    • Colors: Orange, Turquoise, Teal, Gold
    • Traditional tie on waist beads
    • Size: fits up to 65"
    • Features: seed beads, Chinese Crystal, Glow in the dark beads 
    • Made on 100% cotton thread
    • Listing is for 1 strand of beads


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