Waist Beads & Spirituality


1Waist beads have significant cultural and spiritual significance in African traditions. They are often worn as a symbol of femininity, fertility, and sensuality, and can also serve as a tool for weight management or to track changes in body size and shape.

It is important to note that while waist beads may hold spiritual or cultural significance for some, our waist beads are not created with any spiritual or cultural practice that involves rituals such as cleansing, saging, or 'fortifying.' As a Christian-owned and operated company, these practices do not align with our beliefs.

However, we respect the beliefs and practices of our customers, and we understand that some may choose to incorporate such practices into their use of waist beads. Therefore, the wearer may choose to perform any rituals or practices that align with their personal beliefs and values on their own beads. We encourage wearers to set their own intentions for their waist bead practice, whether it be for adornment, weight management, or any other purpose.

At Stacked By Jaye, we offer waist beads as a form of body decoration and encourage our customers to wear them as a way to express their unique style and beauty. We believe that waist beads can be a meaningful and beautiful addition to one's attire, regardless of any cultural or spiritual significance