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Pure Radiance-Extended Length Waist Beads

Pure Radiance-Extended Length Waist Beads

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Introducing our Pure Radiance waist beads, a stunning and meaningful accessory that will adorn your body with the purity and radiance of white and the richness of gold. White represents purity, clarity, and new beginnings, while gold symbolizes abundance, prosperity, and success. Together, these colors create a powerful combination that can help you remember to manifest your dreams and desires.

In addition to their aesthetic appeal, these waist beads also have been used in various African cultures as a tool for body adornment, self-expression, and awareness. Wearing waist beads can be a reminder to honor your body, your journey, and your feminine energy.

As you wear our Pure Radiance waist beads, you can focus on affirmations that align with the colors and energies they represent. For example, you can affirm that you are pure, clear, and open to new beginnings. You can also affirm that you are abundant, prosperous, and successful in all areas of your life.

  • Colors: Gold, White
  • Traditional tie on waist beads
  • Made on 100% African thread
  • Size: approx. 65 inches
  • Priced as individual strand & typically ties once around the waist

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